Meet the crew


The brains behind this operation.


Walk for Peace 2020 was Paul's brainchild, and he's done a great job of raising it.

In a former life, he is a History teacher, a world traveler, a community organizer and a minor in Constitutional Studies.

IG: @paul_peace2u_chavez

YouTube: Inspire Courage Motivation

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James Alan

The Social Media guru.

Literally born and raised in South Detroit, James Alan is a gentleman and a copywriter.

Building brands for the "Blue Checkmarks" on Insta, he now turns his skills towards his longtime passions; human rights, freedom, and social justice.


IG: @jamesalanthompson

TikTok: @jamesalanthompson

LI: James Alan Thompson


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Online Strategy and getaway driver.

Having done some content writing for a few startups and one "regular" company, she felt perfectly capable of driving the Subaru for the next five months across the United States.

When not writing, she's playing music or pursuing causes and food. 

IG: @katrinaadobieski

LI: Katrina Dobieski

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Hey, you could join us

Have a skill that pays the bills? Use it for peace.


If you care to walk with us, help with video (we need that) or know a way to optimize our efforts, reach out. or any of our socials