Why I Walk [Week 1] | Paul Chavez

I’m walking across America, this once great country, coast to coast, from San Francisco to Washington DC, with my buddy James Alan Thompson; and we’re walking for peace, for acceptance, for kindness.

Some have said, “why walk across the country!? That’s crazy!” I say, “why not, it’s me doing my part, it’s me taking a stand for peace and love in my own way!”

There’s a lot going on right now; some things that we understand, and others that we don’t.

From COVID-19 to race riots in the streets, to me it seems pretty clear, or seemed clear, that much of the country has lost their head, like things have changed and will never return to normal, like nothing we can do will make a difference.

So I’m doing this Walk for Peace, encouraging people to join me along the way, striving to find greater inner peace, clarity and love, so that I may be in a better position to help spread greater peace, encourage more acceptance, and help raise the level of kindness all around by doing my part for this country, and for humanity.

As we’ve gone through this last 100 miles, from SF to Tracy, CA, people have honked, waved, shouted words of encouragement, given the peace sign, (one gave a different sign) stopped to give drinks, stopped us to tell us how they respected what we were doing, stopped to give money, sent money electronically, offered to buy us meals, fed us, allowed us to stay with them, stopped to give food, given us supplies, and the list goes on.

As we’ve gone along these last several days, something has become abundantly clear...the Lord is in this walk...God is in this.

As we each individually raise our level of peace by doing those things which bring us inner peace, we will have greater peace to share with others.

As we give ourselves more room to fail and keep trying, and recognize the perseverance and hard work we’re putting in, accepting ourselves and taking time to care for ourselves, we will be better able to care for and fully accept those around us.

My friends, this walk is for me, this walk is for you, this walk is for peace, it’s for acceptance, it’s for kindness, it’s for America, it’s for Humanity.

Peace and Love to you -

Paul Chavez

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