Strangers, dinners and a bowie knife [Week 1] | James Thompson

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

What an amazing first week this has been for us.

We want thank everyone who has given encouragement and support so far. We feel tremendously blessed. This week has been evidence to us and so many others that there is so much good in humanity.

Let us share just a few examples of miracles that we witnessed this week.

Thanks Willy's Bagels! Humanity at its finest.

Walking just outside of Richmond, we met Walter and Edwin who gave us some drinks and fruit from their tree.

The next day we were walking through Martinez when we struck up a conversation with Chad about our coast to coast walk for peace. He then invited us to come down to this house and made us dinner.

On Sunday, we were on the trail when we saw a mountain lion. Unbelievably, a stranger reached out and after hearing what happened, gave me a large bowie knife that had to be over $100.

And then as we were walking though Brentwood, we stopped in at Willy’s Bagels and they hooked us up with some fruit after hearing what we’re doing.

The kindness we’re witnessing this week extends beyond us— It’s all around our communities and across the nation.

We hope you guys continue to follow us and contribute to extending kindness to your neighbors.


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